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HARDCORE SHOP – The right thing for every fantasy

We have more than 10,000 erotic products in stock for you. But don’t be afraid of erotic over-stimulation: With our online shop and our diverse catalogues we will guide you very carefully to the goal of your wishes. Whether lingerie lover, toy child or fetish fan – we have the right accessory for every fantasy. Experimental adventurers will find what they are looking for just as curious beginners and as soon as you have made your choice, we will send your order discreetly and with a neutral sender. To keep us in mind, we send out up to 290 different advertising mailings with a total circulation of 9 million each year. Our customers can also look forward to advertisements, supplements and postcards.

Uninhibited shopping
At HARDCORE SHOP you can not only shop to your heart’s content, we also show you what you can do with your new toy. So how about this: First you get some suggestions in our blog, then you choose something nice here onlineshop and later you tell us about the experiences on our story portal.
We compose for you a sparkling mixture of erotic products, so that you only have to decide what you want to enrich your home playbox with.
You have the bittersweet agony of choosing between more than 10,000 products – there are certainly sexy lingerie, sex toys or fetish clothes to make your heart beat faster. A large logistics centre directly on site is equipped with our diverse range of erotic articles and supplies both our erotic mail order and our wholesalers and the more than 140 HARDCORE SHOP specialist shops with novelties and classics from all areas of eroticism.


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